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Google’s mobile-first indexing: coming March 2021

Mobile-first indexing has been an ongoing effort of Google for several years. Google has enabled mobile-first indexing for most currently crawled sites, and enabled it by default for all the new sites. Google’s initial plan

Become an Online Influencer with LinkedIn

Influencer marketing has become an indispensable arm of marketing. The practice is not new– brand names employing celebs to endorse a product is as old as marketing itself– the phenomenon of influencer engagement is a

How to Appeal to Your Target Audience on LinkedIn

For entrepreneurs and sales professionals, LinkedIn has proven to be an excellent lead generation resource. It allows people to share their knowledge from their respective fields; it makes it easy to share and track industry

Welcome to the future of Google Analytics

Millions of businesses, large and small, rely on Google Analytics to understand customer preferences and create better experiences for them. With more commerce moving online and businesses under increased pressure to make every marketing dollar

How to Stay Fresh on Social Media?

There are several ways to market yourself on social media. You can have a blog to drive traffic to it. You can have an audio message (or podcasts) distribute. These types of methods can all


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